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Lake House Photos

Front Porch, Lake Deck, Picnic Pavillion

Lake Wawasee Woods Resort™ is private property illustrated by the satellite photo on the basement stairs.  Yellow road barricades are positioned at wide points so you can drive around them.  If trespassers do so too, you may reposition them to actually block the private road.  Welcome are our maintenance crew and guests from any of the seasonal or year round rentals.  During the summer the year round guests are invited to only enter the pier area from the Log Cabin end of the private road.

The front porch swing makes mornings and summer showers a wonderful part of secluded lake living.  The large deck is a gathering place for food and parties.  Place your coolers and bags of ice against the wall for all the beverages the crowd will need.  A choice of gas or charcoal grills makes the food to your timing and liking.  A fire ring and firewood lets the bond fire crowd make late night hotdogs.

Living room seating provides views of the TV, the open plan dining room, kitchen, across the deck and yard all the way to Lake Wawasee. Notice in the photo, all the seating reclines except for the full size pull out couch.  To the left a bench from the dinning room doubles as a coffee table for the movie popcorn provided above the microwave.

The HDTV articulates if dinner is ready but the movie is not over.  The youngsters may find TV a bit racy after dark.  If they figure out the movies on demand, the Maximum Sin (Cinemax) TV shows are accessible 24 hours X 7 days per week.

A Kitchen Fit for the Crowd it Feeds

A roaming room stainless steel kitchen handles the hungriest crowds with ease.  A commercial quality JennAire range and hood vent make cooking a crowd pleaser.  Carry a copy of the supplied item you will not need when you buy groceries. 

The water occasionally may have a sulfur smell.  So the faucet has a filter.  A reverse osmoses drinking water spout eliminates the need to buy bottled water.  Pots, pans, utensils, and commercial quality dishware make serving elegant and efficient.  

The sensitive septic system gets all upset when fed garbage or grease.  So feed scraps to the wild animals in the forest and pour hot grease into the plastic can provided in the freezer. 

Panic button phone numbers on the wall give you assistance in an emergency.  Wireless internet

A golf cart is generally provided for licensed driver adults to carry crowds and gear to the lake.  The satellite view of the Lake Wawasee Woods Resort ™ illustrates where else you might take pleasure rides.  If you go to Morrison Island watch your speed because the golf cart is not street legal.  Acknowledge the liability rules before you take the keys.

The dining room table expands to feed a crowd.  The one of 2 leaves conveniently stores inside the table.  Four high back chairs are supplemented by two family style benches for higher density seating. 

Stemware is provided for family formal dinners.  A third door in the hutch locks your liquor if you go to bed before the kids.   A game chest stores below the stemware with more in the basement.  Volumes of trash are accommodated in the house, next to the deck, with a dumpster tucked behind the brown barn.

Where Will All These People Sleep?

In addition to 6 bedrooms, the basement is like a dorm flop room with 3 twin beds and a sectional.  The living room sectional reclines all the seating excepting the full size pull out bed.  Two downstairs queen bedrooms are great for the late party people or save them for couples avoiding the stairs…21 before the floor.  If the sheets get washed notice the color code system simplifies sorting for king, queen, standard, and twin. 

Two of 4 bedrooms upstairs are positioned above the living room and above the dining room.

A lake view king master bedroom elevates guests like climbing into a tree house.  On the street side is a bedroom with two twin beds.

The Basement is like a Dorm Room

A TV in the basement entertains while waiting your turn to play pool.  Find card tables and folding chairs. When everybody turns in they flop on the couch, 3 twin beds, and floor if they remembered sleeping bags.

Where Will People Find Rooms to Rest?

The main floor half bath is shared by the two queen bedrooms.  A laundry pair helps stay ahead of the blue fluffy Lake Wawasee Woods Resort™ towels used by the knee boarders and sand bar flies.  An iron is in the hall closet.  Floating piers are part of the resort; preferably use the ones starting furthest south.

The upstairs master bedroom has a private half bath. The upstairs full bath is centered for shared use by 3 of the 4 bedrooms.